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Presentation of the National Sports Council

Serving as a panel of experts assisting the Ministry of Culture and Education is the National Sports Council appointed by the Government for the duration of the parliamentary term. The Council is called upon to address major issues of fundamental importance related to sports and physical activity and, in particular, evaluate the impact of government action in the field of sports and physical activity; submit initiatives and make proposals to develop sports and physical activity; and issue opinions on the allocation of state appropriations for sports and physical activity within its purview.

National Sports Council 2019–2023


Member of Parliament Paavo Arhinmäki (Deputy Member, Construction engineer Anneli Lehto)


Member of Parliament Marko Asell (Deputy Member, Head of Sports and Youth Department Petteri Lahti)
Member of Parliament Pasi Kivisaari (Deputy Member, Director of Sports and Youth Services Petteri Salmijärvi)

Other Members:

Member of Parliament Ritva Elomaa (Deputy Member Oskar Viding)
Project Manager Saara Karkulahti (Deputy Member, Parliamentary assistant Sara Saramäki)
Member of Parliament Timo Heinonen (Deputy Member, Member of Parliament Sari Sarkomaa)
General Secretary Hanna Huumonen (Deputy Member, Political assistant Marjukka Mattila)
Athlete Arttu-Petteri Klami (Deputy Member, Office worker Suvi Karhu)
Coach Ismo Läntinen (Deputy Member Matias Turkkila)
Member of Parliament Sari Multala (Deputy Member, Member of Parliament Arto Satonen)
The Finnish honorary title of liikuntaneuvos Tuija Pohjola (Deputy Member, Head of Sports Antti Kempas)
Associate professor, Academy Research Fellow Elina Sillanpää (Deputy Member, Olympic swimmer Ari-Pekka Liukkonen)
Member of Parliament Joakim Strand (Deputy Member, General Secretary Christel Björkstrand)